Latest Bid Writing – PQQ for Consultants

I’ve recently pressed the “Submit Response” button on a large PQQ via Delta eSourcing’s portal on behalf of my client John Lester Partnership.

In July I received a call from JLP’s director, Eleftherios Patsilides (Lefty), inviting me to assist JLP in writing their bid for inclusion on a major University’s Consultants Framework. He and other staff members were about to go on annual leave and it was only a few days until the deadline.

After an earlier chat with Lefty in June my curiosity had prompted me to register with the University as GMS, download and imbibe the documents including the on-going clarifications and updates. This had left me prepared for Lefty’s later invitation.

I met with Lefty the day after his invitation and we agreed:-

  • I would jump onto the Bid Writing, via JLP’s registration,
  • Take possession the process,
  • Compose what was necessary and
  • Submit it in time.


Leicester University’s Consultants Framework

The information requested covered 17 separate forms including the usual business details, processes, project specific descriptions and references as well as in-depth Technical Ability section for each category being applied for.

In the absence of Lefty I had to pester his fellow director, Adrian, for a bit of initial assistance with some of the more technical responses and, additional, revamp JLP’s Company Organogram.


The section on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery necessitated me, additionally, writing a formal Policy Statement that will now be incorporated into JLP’s business processes.


A Small Selection of Other Recent Bid Writing, PQQ’s, Tenders Submitted



John Lester and GMS

I first met John Lester way back in 1996 when I’d just become Henry Boot Construction’s marketing manager for the South East. I followed up a submitted tender for Borough of Broxbourne John had procured and I’ve maintained regular contact with him ever since.

Many years later SDC Housing designed and built out a development of 21 affordable homes in Kettering for Orbit HA where John Lester Partnership acted as Employer’s agent and Cost Consultant.

Over the last few years I’ve increasingly and additionally dealt with John’s directors, Lefty and Adrian, in my full time and freelance roles as BDM for:-

  • Main Contractors
  • Specialist Sub-Contractors.


I would be pleased to hear from you.

Even it’s just to extract some tips from my 27 years of Bid Writing and Business Development.