We have launched our new website!

After seven years of working for numerous main contractors, sub-contractors and construction consultants I have finally made time to completely revamp my website, I hope you find it interesting.

The exercise also served to remind me of the wide variety of commissions I have undertaken since 2012 in addition to the many different construction disciplines I have been involved with during this time. I am looking forward to updating the site regularly myself and to producing a news item each month.

If it’s not too “soft” I want to thank here all those individuals in our diverse and fascinating industry who, since I left PAYE, have placed their faith in my ability and commissioned me to work with them. I’d spent 30 years in main contracting but I have since certainly learned a lot additionally about the drivers and challenges that other organisations, such as designers, project managers and sub-contractors are subject to. As just one example I have recently been approached by a company specialising in the design and installation of CCTV Surveillance in the healthcare sector – more about this in future newsletters.

At this stage of my career, by capitalising on 35 years of direct inclusion in the construction industry, both on the technical and sales sides, I am delighted to be involved in the following roles:-

  • Securing potential and profitable opportunities for work,
  • New build and refurbishment,
  • Contractors and consultants,
  • Technical Bid writing and overseeing tender submissions,
  • Production of company literature, project sheets, case studies, bespoke Capability Statements, etc.,
  • “One Off” construction sales advice sessions.

Please feel free to give me a call 07864 16121 if there is anything you think I might help you with. Even it’s just to “pick my brains” or a “catch up”.